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PHP-Developer && Computer Engineer

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What about me?
2 years of experience
12 projects in which I participated
4 of the development tools which I use

About me

Hi! My name is Bykovsky gleb and I am a php-developer and Computer Engineer from Gomel, Belarus, and this is a website made by me! I made this website in order to learn more about the web and how to create responsive websites and web apps. I will be using this website to host a portfolio of webapps and other projects that I plan to make in the future. Feel free to contact me and check out my code on Github. Have a great day!

My skills: PHP, MySQL, Java, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Material Design Lite, Git, Photoshop

IDE's and Code editors with which I worked: NetBeans (I think it's the best),PhpDesigner 8, Eclipse , Atom, Brackets


I'm studying (and interested in): Node.js, Python, Django, Statistic, Machine Learning, PostgreSQL

Bykovsky Gleb Bykovsky Gleb, 25



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